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News and Gossip

Here's the scoop...

Say it ain't so, Joe! After a decade of playing together, the Galactic Cowboys have decided to call it quits.

Here is the sad but true news, straight from the band's official web site. Read it and weep along with me...

april 28, 2000
To Our Friends and Supporters

Our next album, "Let It Go," is the last one in our current contract with Metal Blade Records. At this point, we (Galactic Cowboys) have decided that it is in our best interest to disband and to pursue our individual goals (of which you will hear about soon). We have not closed the door on working together in the future. We remain good friends and will be supportive of each other in the coming months and years.

At such times, our thoughts naturally turn to you, the people who share our love of good music and who have given us that ultimate vote of confidence by buying our records and taking the time to write to express support and appreciation for our efforts.

As we individually pursue our endeavors in music and related interests, we hope our paths will continue to cross with as many of you as possible. It is you, after all, who count the most in the end.

See you among the stars...


Monty, Ben, and Wally

My Take

Galactic Cowboys, we sure will miss you!

On July 28th, 2000, I saw King's X perform live at the JAXX Niteclub in West Springfield, VA (map showing restaurants and lodging) (close-up map). It was an incredible show! Because of a power outage from a thunderstorm earlier that night, King's X was bumped up to 1 AM from midnight, so up-and-coming band Podunk could get their set in. (I didn't see them perform, but I was told they rocked the house down!) As I walked into the club at around 12:30 (this was my first trip to the JAXX, and I got lost on the way there), Jay (the owner of the JAXX) greeted me warmly with a smile and a handshake. Jay was playing the new Galactic Cowboys CD "Let It Go" through the PA, and it sounded awesome! I wore my Machine Fish t-shirt to the show, and it got quite a few comments. While I waited for the King's X road crew to finish setting up for the band, I entered into a conversation about the Cowboys with a GC fan standing next to me. He had not heard the new album, and when I told him it was playing over the PA, he started listening to it a little more carefully! Finally, King's X made their way onto the stage (after Podunk goofed on us to make it look like they were going to play again, even as we heard Ty's guitar fire up backstage). As you may or may not know, the Galactic Cowboys used to open for King's X. When Doug saw my GC t-shirt, he looked right at me and said, "maybe we'll play a few Cowboys songs later!" I of course, reacted like the true GC fan I am, and screamed, "yeah, alright!" The concert was excellent, but they didn't play any Galactic Cowboys songs. But that was ok, because I came to see King's X rock out! And they did... until three in the morning! After the show, I made my way to the buses, where I saw Jerry Gaskill signing autographs. We talked with Jerry until 4:30 AM. He told us about his upcoming album with Wally Farkas of the Cowboys. Both will be singing lead vocals on the album. Jerry's voice sounds a lot like George Harrison's, and Wally's voice sounds a lot like John Lennon's. I will be very interested to hear how that combination turns out. Remember, both King's X and the Galactic Cowboys were heavily influenced by the Beatles. Catch you on the flip side...

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!