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Greg's Galactic Place In Cyberspace
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NEW LINK!!! - Galactic Cowboys Spaceship Technical Illustration - This has to be seen to be appreciated. It is a series of technical illustrations of the famous GC spaceship. When you click on the small image of the ship, it becomes animated. This is a very cool site! Thank you, David!

Ranch On Mars - The official Galactic Cowboys Web Site! Kept fresh by real Galactic Cowboys - lead singer Ben Huggins, and lead guitarist Wally "Funkmeister" Farkas!

The Galactic Cowboys On The Web - Dan Temmesfeld's great Galactic Cowboys web site! (This website has been archived.)

The Official King's X web site - Everything you need to know about King's X. Updated daily by David M. Koblentz. Members of King's X and the Galactic Cowboys have worked together in the studio, toured together, and are good friends.

The Official Atomic Opera web site - This band and the Galactic Cowboys have many professional, spiritual, and personal ties.

About.com - The Beatles - Everything you need to know about The Beatles, the band that most influenced the Galactic Cowboys. With a guide by Robert Fontenot. Take a tour of Matthews Street in Liverpool here! The Dutch Beatles Fan Club has been around since 1963, and is run by Beatles Unlimited International, who bring you Beatles Unlimited Magazine six times a year.

Creednet - Check out this great rock & roll band! Creed has taken the U.S. and Europe by storm with their powerful combination of catchy melodies, heavy guitars and meaningful, spiritual lyrics. Sound familiar? Go figure...

Dream Theater - A very cool progressive band with lyrics wrapped in mystery and metaphor, and a sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Rush and Yes.

Metal Blade Records - The record label for the Galactic Cowboys, King's X, and many other great rock & roll and heavy metal bands.

NASA Homepage - The official NASA web site.