You Make Me Smile

Written by: Colvin

You love me, you lift me
But I'm letting you down
We're holding, scolding
Repenting, resenting
We go around and around
I'm fumin', I'm human

You make me smile
When it's said and done

You trust me, you doubt me
They hear us all over town
We're dreamin', screamin'
Reflecting, rejecting
And we don't make a sound
We're talkin', I'm walkin'

I Do What I Do

Written by: Colvin

Given the chance to run in the race
The battle is on to win, show or place
Am I the one expected to be
Everything you want of me

My heart is fading in the time that it takes to blink
My confidence is slowly washing down the sink
Gotta move forward, leave that all behind

I do what I do, it's all I can do, you know?
I do what I do, it's all I can do
I do, I do, do you?

Eyes looking down critically, feeling their breath on me
Under the scope, they read every word
Defining what's good, what's absurd

Used to be that the world was intimidating
That was light years ago, just a passing fancy
Gotta move forward leave that all behind

Circles In The Fields

Written by: Colvin

Yesterday I planted seeds (In the ground, beneath my feet)
Golden fields were flowing free (circles)
Today I look, what could it be (What's this here in front of me?)
Geometric mystery (circles)

A joke of some kind, messin' with my mind
Woke up to find...

Circles in the fields
I don't know where they come from

Smashed down unbroken stems (They never break, but yes they bend)
Perhaps the work of aliens (circles)
A symbol of God's majesty (Present from our Deity)
Or interplanetary artistry (circles)

Some kind of sign, messin' with my mind
Woke up to find...

If I Were A Killer

Written by: Doss/Huggins

This is just a hypothetical story
Of someone, let's just say it's me
I'd gain acceptance for my murderous ways
By stalking a defenseless prey

If I were a killer, I'd smile just like the boy next door
If I were a killer, I'd say I do it for the poor
If I were a killer, You'd bring me victims more and more
If I were a killer!

Supreme Court would agree to hear my case
And find me innocent of crime
Holding public rallies to incite sympathy
Creative actuality

If I were a killer, I'd hide behind a doctor's door
If I were a killer, I'd scrape you off my office floor


Written by: Colvin/Huggins

Tear drops of sorrow beating down upon my chest
For never knowing the true meaning of success
Genius and a rebel are the ways that you're perceived
But how can anyone be so utterly deceived

How could I have been so blind all this time?
Now that all the scales have fallen from my eye
How could I have been so blind?

Words full of knowledge, lacking wisdom were just lies
Actions representing the very things that you despise
Self-deception fills you in the final hour
Holding back the wall of fear that threatens to devour

You tried to take me to an evil place
But I slipped right through your human hands

Lack of repentance was the reoccuring clue
History of contention points the finger back at you

No Problems

Written by: Doss/Huggins/Colvin

Given all that I have in the palm of my hand
Possessions cannot fill the need I see before me, it's up to me
I saw a little boy with blisters on his feet
I saw a man without legs reaching out for me

I've got no problems, no, no, not with you
I've got no problems, yes, yes, yes, it's true
I've got no reason, reason to complain
I've got no problems, I've got no right

Home is where the heart is, hearts with no place to live
I watch the suffering, I see the pain before me, it's up to me
I saw a little girl begging on the street
I saw a lady crying, tears fall for me

Given all that I have in the palm of my hand
There's still a little boy with blisters on his feet
There's still a lady crying, tears fall for me

About Mrs. Leslie

Written by: Doss/Huggins

These are the life and times of the infamous Mrs. Leslie
Widow of a nasty man who left her a life of plenty
Dining on the lawn outside her majesty's garden window
Serving tea and crumpets to a fashionable crescendo

Scheming with his highness
Steaming little tempest
Oh No, not with a teapot

And she's living a life full of regret
She plans to tell no one of the dark little secret all about...
Mrs. Leslie

Calling on Miss Cavendish of Wednesday morning's book club
Speaking ill of wealthy chaps who've fallen down drunk at the old pub
Poor old Mr. Leslie
We know alive and healthy, living in a belfry

And she's living a life full of regret
The world is going round of a dark little secret all about...
Mrs. Leslie

And she's living a life full of regret
The word has gotten round of the dark little secret all about her
In a life full of riches, she's such a needy soul
A nasty little story which is all about...
Mrs. Leslie

Where Are You Now?

Written by: Colvin

We spent that time in the park
We laughed until it was dark and ending the day
I used to walk with you home
We used to talk on the phone with nothing to say

And where are you now, long time no see
I wonder where you are now, remember me

Once I wrote you a song
But now it seems like a long, long time since then
I bet that you're married now
I always thought that somehow I'd see you again

Sessions of baring our souls
Confessions soon took their toll and closed off the door
I wish we hadn't lost touch
Perhaps I told you too much for you to ignore

Ranch On Mars

Written by: Colvin

Different places, different names
Peculiar people just the same
We are brothers in our hearts
Though we've traveled far away
Another galaxy to play
Up in space we'll never part

Someday we'll live among the stars
Maybe own a ranch on Mars

Come in, come in mission control
Give us guidance for our souls
With eyes that scan the universe
No more talking time to land
You give me hope you understand
Our future lies beyond this earth

Still Life Of Peace

Written by: Colvin/Huggins

A painted scene view of a street
A large city, no crime, no deceit
An autumn day pastels and grace
Buildings loom ominous, hold them at bay

The image haunts though no one wants
Caged in serenity as freedom taunts
Always an autumn day pastel and grey
Can't reach the buildings holding me at bay

Pay to get in, Pray to get out
Now that you're in, let me out

See the wind blows everything's frozen
Still life of peace a life they've chosen
Wanting the wind, the snow or the sun
Trade in freedom for a world that has none

All music written by the Galactic Cowboys.
All songs copyright ©1993 EMI Virgin Music, Inc./Wilde Cowboy Music ASCAP.