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Who Was Bobo?
Read all about the unusual story of Bobo the clown!
Honk Bobo's nose to read all about his unusual story, and the odd worm that is making him famous. Definitely weird, and perhaps a bit on the Scary side!

Bobo's Offbeat News

Bobo World keeps you up-to-date on all of the world's whacky wonders! Click HERE to enrich your mind with mounds of massive missives of merriment and mirth, updated daily!

Love Letters to Bobo

Over the years, Bobo and I have received a lot of e-mail and guestbook signatures. Some have been funny, while others carried a more sinister tone. Of special note is clown Linda, from "North of the border", as we say here in the U.S.A., and if you click on the beating heart below, you can literally spend hours reading all 28 "Letters from Linda".

Read love letters to Bobo

Bobo's Cool Clown Links

Listed HERE are some of the best clown links on the web!

Bobo's Guestbook

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