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Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

GPH Multimedia Productions was founded in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland by owner and executive producer Gregory P. Hatfield. The company headquarters was recently moved to Tampa, Florida. GPH Multimedia Productions is a Dun and Bradstreet registered sole proprietorship. Plans are forthcoming to incorporate, at which point Mr. Hatfield will become President, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of the company, but will also retain the title of Executive Producer. Current plans are to expand to three employees so that three-camera shoots can be performed at weddings. Mr. Hatfield will continue to handle the birthday parties, as this is his favorite part of the business.

Currently, Mr. Hatfield shoots on a Sony HVR-A1J HDV camcorder and edits on a 17" Apple Powerbook G4 notebook computer running Digidesign's AVID XPress Pro HDV video editing software. Plans are in the works to expand to three cameras and MOJO hardware before the end of 2007.

Gregory has been shooting and editing video since the age of 15. He began his career with a project for English class as a sophomore at New Canaan High school in New Canaan, Connecticut in 1968. It involved frame-by-frame animation and was cut to the song, A Day In the Life, by The Beatles. It was shot and edited using Super-8-mm film, and survives to this day. Mr. Hatfield majored in Film at the University of South Florida where he produced several more animated shorts.

Mr. Hatfield continued his education and gained more experience after serving a two-year term of active duty for the United States Naval Reserves, where he worked as a Radio Telecommunications Technician with a Top-Secret Cryptographic Federal Security Clearance. After leaving active duty with an Honorable Discharge (DD Form 214 furnished upon request), Mr. Hatfield returned to USF, this time majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Broadcasting and Television News.