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Main Entry: 1muse
Pronunciation: 'myüz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): mused; mus·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French muser to gape, idle, muse, from muse mouth of an animal, from Medieval Latin musus
Date: 14th century
intransitive senses
1 : to become absorbed in thought; especially : to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively
2 archaic : WONDER, MARVEL
transitive senses : to think or say reflectively
synonym see PONDER
- mus·er noun

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Pronunciation Symbols Thesaurus Symbols
\&\ as a and u in abut
\&\ as e in kitten
\&r\ as ur/er in further
\a\ as a in ash
\A\ as a in ace
\ä\ as o in mop
\au\ as ou in out
\ch\ as ch in chin
\e\ as e in bet
\E\ as ea in easy
\g\ as g in go
\i\ as i in hit
I\ as i in ice
\j\ as j in job
\[ng]\ as ng in sing
\O\ as o in go
\o\ as aw in law
\oi\ as oy in boy
\th\ as th in thin
\th]\ as th in the
\ü\ as oo in loot
\u\ as oo in foot
\y\ as y in yet
\zh\ as si in vision
*  generally or often considered vulgar

||  usage restricted; consult a dictionary for more information

For more information see the Guide To Pronunciation and the Thesaurus Symbol Guide.

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