Posted by ben ( on August 20, 2000 at 00:16:59:

i'm not sure which of those news shows with the familiar "face" i was watching, but some guy was talking to arnold shwarzzzzzzzzenneger(sp?) and asking him about his political stance. i loved everything arnold said until he back-peddled speedily from the abortion issue. stating that he thinks gee dubble u (bush) is wrong on abortion.

he had me going till that point. he talked about human rights issues and freedom. he was comparing the democrats to the socialists of austria and getting away with it! how many people do you think have the cahonas(sp?) to do that??? he talked about coming to the u.s. in '68 and listening to the humphrey/nixon debates and knowing that humphrey was spouting the same "cradle to grave" socialism. then, he backs away from the one issue that separates the men from the boys. i mean, talk about human rights violations??? abortion is THE ultimate human rights violation! in every other atrocity known to man, at the very least, the person violated can speak out for themselves.

it's a damn shame...


abortion can be likened to slavery in that it classifies one type or sector as "subhuman" and therefore less important than "real" humanity. i think that when the bible says, "all those who hate God love death..." it really means it. there are those that would fight till death to keep the abortion mills open and killing, just for their love of death. it's all very simple when you bring it down to the final outcome of the procedure.

if this were germany in the 1930's feminists would be nazis and abortionists would be josef mengela et al.

there is NO other way to look at this booming industry in amerika today. blood money made at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

ben (when it's out of my system i'll be posting something less controvercial, i'm sure...)