Daredevil Vol. 1 #11 F+ 6.5


Marvel Comics Group - Dec. 1965

'Nuff Said!


(Continued from Daredevil Vol. 1 #10)... While an important vote is due across New York which could place Foggy Nelson as the new D.A. of the city, Foggy's high school sweetheart Deborah Harris has been kidnapped by the animal-themed criminals of the Organizer. Daredevil has come to rescue the girl, but soon realizes that she is actually working with the Organizer's men. DD is discovered by the Bird-Man and attacked, forcing him to flee the scene. However, he comes back, as the Animal Men tie up Deborah and Daredevil frees her, playing dumb to the fact that he knows she's working with the Organizer in hopes that she will lead him to the masked criminal. The captured Cat-Man explains to the police that the Organizer hopes to use the Reform Party for his own ends. Following Deborah to the Organizer's lair, Daredevil knocks out the Frog-Man and takes his costume in an attempt to attack them head on. However, he's easily defeated and the Organizer's men attack a Reform Party rally. Returning to his own costume, Daredevil attacks and defeats all the Ani-Men. During the course of the fight, the Organizer is revealed to be Abner Jonas. With Jonas and his minions turned over the police, they confess to the whole thing. With Foggy assigned the D.A. job, Matt decides that he needs to get away from Karen and Foggy to reconcile his feelings and forget how he feels about Karen, and decides that without Foggy, he should close up Nelson and Murdock and travel.

-From Marvel Wikia (edited for clarity). ©2012 Marvel Wikia. DD logo designed by Todd Klein. All rights reserved.

This book is in Fine+ 6.5 condition according to the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, 3rd ed. Please see the large scans. The pros: It is in extremely good shape. Front cover has very good color with no fading and about 50% of gloss remaining. Inside covers are cream to tan with light tanning along the edges. Inside pages are very supple,white to off-white in the center, with light tanning along the edges and no signs of brittleness. Book lays flat with no spine roll. Both the cover and centerfold are firmly attached at both staples. The cons: A few minor transverse spine creases that break color, some minor spine abrasion, and one instance of "Marvel Chipping" on the right edge (which is very straight with no chip separation). Other minor wear consistent with grade, such as rounded and/or blunted corners, light corner creases, and moderate blunting on top edge due to "over-cover." Book is complete with no missing pages or coupons cut out. There is a small circle drawn in blue ballpoint ink on the URBC (see scan). Overall, a very nice book. Books tend to look better in person than they do in the scan. The value for this book in the 41st edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is $44. The asking price is only $40.00. If you think that's too high, then make me an offer I can't refuse! Here's your chance to own a classic for not too much money.

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