To download a high-resolution copy of the Bobo video translated from the VHS master into a QuickTimeŽ movie, send an e-mail request for the video to: Be sure to specify whether you want the SMALL QuickTimeŽ movie (the same size as the GIF animation on the web page, but with MUCH better resolution and colors) and/or the LARGE QuickTimeŽ movie (320X240 - scales nicely to full screen with minimal pixel distortion, with MUCH more detail and better colors than the GIF movie on the web page, but colors are not as good as in the small version). Only one movie per size (2 movies total) per e-mail address. If you want both movies, be advised that they will arrive in two different e-mail messages. Your e-mail privacy is assured. I hope to soon be uploading the movies to Tripod's site via FTP so you can download the movie directly from there. Stay tuned to Bobo World for developments! You must have QuickTimeŽ 4.0 or higher for Windows 95/98/NT or Macintosh in order to view these high-quality movies. If you don't have QuickTimeŽ, go to Apple's QuickTimeŽ download page now and get this very cool tool! It's FREE! What are you waiting for?

You may distribute the GIF version of the movie freely, but certain copyright restrictions apply with the QuickTime movie. If you post the Bobo movie in any form on a website, you must link back to Bobo World.

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