"Welcome, Brothers and Sisters!"

It is with great joy that I announce the new home for G.P.H. Ministries International on the World Wide Web! It can be found on the Tripod server:

G.P.H. Ministries International

"Beaming the Gospel to the entire world!"

We here at G.P.H. Ministries International have been working for months on our new window to the world: the G.P.H. Ministries International homepage! A new way to reach the lost and afflicted! A new way to reach starving souls in need of salvation! And a new way for you, our faithful supporters, to send in your tithes and offerings!

"Rejoice with us as we give thanks. I know that this seed will bring forth a bountiful harvest..."

-Rev. G.P. Hatfield

His Healing Hands

Here at the G.P. Hatfield Cathedral Hall, in the heart of the historic Mt. Vernon district of Baltimore, Maryland, hundreds are healed each week in the Healing Line as a result of the laying-on-of-hands by the Reverand G.P. Hatfield. Do you need healing, Brother or Sister? You know, the Bible tells us that all one woman had to do was merely touch the garment of Jesus in order to be healed. Her faith was tremendous, and yours can be too! Just send Brother Buren a love offering of $25 in U.S. funds*, and he will rush to you a "lifetime charged" prayercloth blessed by him! Just pray with the cloth or lay it on the afflicted area of the body, and receive your healing (in order for the miracle to occur, your faith must be strong). Just read the testimonies of those healed by Brother Hatfield's prayercloth in the G.P. Hatfield Ministries Monthly Newsletter! (You can receive a complimentary copy of the newsletter just by sending email to the address below, including the word (no quotes) "subscribe" in the body of your message.) Brother Hatfield apologizes that he cannot reply to every message he receives, but he does read all of your mail and prays over each and every letter and email he receives!
*All major credit cards accepted; personal checks must clear before shipment of any Love Offering Gift.

Become A Member Of This Ministry

G.P. Hatfield Spiritual Rejuvination Center in Tuscon, Arizona.

Won't you join with us in ministering the Gospel to all the world? We are now offering many different ways to support this ministry. We still offer $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 per-month memberships, as well as the Premium membership ($150 per-month; includes the annual Yearbook). In addition, we are now offering the Lifetime Platinum Membership, which is $1500 and includes a one week stay at the G.P.H. Spiritual Rejuvination Center in Tuscon, Arizona, the monthly Platinum Newsletter, and the annual Yearbook. A Platinum membership also entitles you to a 20% discount on future trips to the Rejuvination Center! Thank you, Brothers and Sisters, for your support in this ministry! As you know, we have no advertising of any kind to defray the heavy cost of maintaining this ministry, so your donations are our only way to take the Gospel to the world. Please send in your membership requests today!

Love Offering Gift #117

In Ivory, Sand, and Mocha

This month, for a love offering of $20 or more, G.P. Hatfield Ministries International will send you, postpaid, the official JBM coffee mug! This is the same mug used at the John Buren Rejuvination Center, with the GPH Cathedral Hall embossed on the side, so you'll feel right at home during your stay at the Rejuvination Center!

"May He bless you in every way, each and every day!"

An interview with Rev. John Buren, conducted on Wednesday, January 27, 1999

An excerpt from Brother Buren's sermon from last Sunday morning's service

An excerpt from Brother Buren's sermon from Wednesday night's youth service
Note: Subject matter may be deemed inappropriate for young children

G.P. Hatfield Ministries International

"Taking the truth to a world spinning out of control!"

Baltimore, MD 21211

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